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Choosing the Right Puppy or Dog

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There are some basic things to look for when deciding if a puppy is healthy or not. First of all, check to see if the puppy has bright eyes and a shiny coat. If a dog has a dull coat, or a pot belly, don't choose it. And, your veterinarian can tell you if your puppy looks healthy. He/she may also be able to look for and detect possible congenital defects which could cause major problems later in your dog's life.

You may be wondering how to choose a good natured dog. Well, a good natured puppy will be active and playful. A disinterested dog is generally not a good sign. You should also probably not choose a nervous looking dog. Puppies do sleep for long periods of time, but a puppy that appears sleepy all the time may not be as healthy of a dog. A puppy that appears aggressive early on might tend to be more dominant and aggressive as an adult dog. As we already said, you should see about visiting the dog breeder multiple times to watch and interact with the puppies. This will give you a better idea of the individual dogs personalities and general well-being.

Feeding your new dog properly is very important. Puppies can usually be weaned from their mothers between eight and twelve weeks. You should feed your new dog the same type of dog food for at least a few days. When you introduce the diet your vet recommends for your dog, do so gradually. You may want to reward your dog often, but do so with affirming words and touch. Limit the number of dog treats you give. Very importantly, set a feeding schedule for your dog. This will help the dog to have healthy habits and will make potty training your dog easier. Be sure to follow the instructions on your dog's food, and daily watch the condition of your dog. It's never healthy to let your dog become fat.

Talk with your dog's vet about the proper vaccinations your dog should have. Required Vaccinations vary from state to state in the US. Puppies have worms, and so regular treatment for worms is very important. We don't want to give any real medical advice here, so simply consulting with your dog's vet will help you with this part of your dog's care.

Before you bring a new dog home, there are several basic things you shoud go ahead and buy. Food and water bowls, dog food, a warm dog bed, and any grooming equipment necessary to your breed. These things are all essential. Of course, you will want to buy some dog toys for your puppy as well.

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