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Choosing the Right Puppy or Dog

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Dogs can make wonderful companions, can provide security in your home, and many dog breeds are great with kids, but choosing the right dog breed, and bringing a puppy into your home is a big responsibility. After a year or so of raising your puppy, you will have a full grown adult dog on your hands. And in most cases, healthy dogs live at least ten years, many live even longer. For instance, the Jack Russell Terrier is a dog that averages more than 15 years. So, before making a quick decision, take the time to think about whether you can make such a big commitment. If you think you can, then work on figuring what kind of dog will be the best fit for your lifestyle and your family.

Before buying a puppy, there are several things you should take into consideration. Your dog will need plenty of time to be trained. He/She will need time to be socialized with other dogs. Your puppy will need to be fed regularly and properly. You will need to provide your new dog with the proper amount of excercise for its breed. You will need to provide your dog with security, and a space of its own. An area in your home for sleeping during the day as well as a crate for night sleeping is preferable. Your cute little puppy dog will need regular veterinary care. And, sometimes that kind of care for dogs can be very expensive. So, ask yourself, can I make the financial and time commitments necessary to owning a dog? Will I be able to offer a dog the home it deserves? Can I afford the dog supplies and dog toys necessary to maintain my dog's happiness and health? If you have considered these points and answered yes to these questions, you may just be ready to think about finding your new dog.

First of all, where should you get your puppy or dog from? Well, there are many breeds of dogs to choose from, so once you have an idea of the breed you might want, talk with a reputable breeder of that breed of dog. Tell the dog breeder about your lifestyle and what you expect in a dog. The breeder will be able to tell you if you should think about another breed of puppy. Also, talk with friends who have the breed of dog you are thinking about, and read dog magazines and books to understand the dog breed fully before you make your decision. Information is your best friend when choosing a dog. This will keep you from having false expectations when you finally make the purchase. We don't recommend buying dogs from pet supply stores or so-called "puppy farms" as early weeks for a dog are important to producing happy, healthy, well-adjusted dogs. Puppies raised in a home evironment similar to your own are always best. And organizations such as the ASPCA here in the US, or The Blue Cross in the UK, are always looking for loving homes for puppies, and older dogs as well. If you can, ask to see your puppy with its mother, and in a home environment. Also, if you can , make several trips to the breeder and take your time watching the puppies before making your final decision.

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